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Have you heard? Some scenes from the new Bond film are to be filmed in slightly outmoded Bognor… gossip that is pushing up visitor numbers to this seaside resort town. What does Bognor have on offer for weekenders?

Bognor, where?


Fly down the southern coast of England, past Brighton and in the direction of Devon and you’ll stumble upon Bognor Regis. This small seaside city is a treasure among holidaying Brits but Hollywood coming to town is big news! The 23rd Bond film Skyfall, set to be released in October will be shot here, as well as in Pinewood Studios and Turkey. We’re used to seeing Bond woo the ladies on the coasts of Jamaica and Thailand but not this time. Our own lovely Bognor Regis is getting the star treatment, let’s just hope Daniel Craig finds the place more agreeable than King George did.

 All in a name

Bognor didn’t really become that popular until King George V took a holiday here in the 19th century to get some rest and recuperation, everyone needs little R&R, right? After the king’s visit the town brought forth a petition to add “Regis” to the town’s name. The King’s Private Secretary brought it to the king’s attention, reportedly replying with, “Oh, bugger Bognor.” The secretary of course returned to the town to inform them that the king “is graciously pleased to grant your request.”

Bognor pier

Weekend in Bognor

Bognor is little more than 50 miles from London, easily reached with a UK car hire or by train in 1 hour 45 minutes from Victoria Station. Like most small seaside towns in England, you can definitely get around Bognor on foot. The best thing about this place? It enjoys more sunshine than any other town in England!   What is there to do once you arrive? If you’re here when the weather is super fine, then there’s no other place to hang out than the beach or hanging out on the pier.

Besides that, the town’s Butlin Holiday Camp is pretty popular with its indoor leisure park, first opened in the 1960s by Sir Billy Butlin. The Holiday Camp has two top-notch hotels, great places to stay if you want to be close to the beach.

Have you holidayed in Bognor Regis before? Will you be heading there to check out the 007 action?

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  1. I have to say I’ve never been to Bognor Regis, but I love the fact that 007 is going to be filmed here! As a destination it reminds me of Skeggy – maybe due to Butlins…

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