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Chileans and known for their dance moves. Latinos from all across South America can tap, twist, glide and swirl across the dance floors without even batting an eyelash. Grab this deal to Chile and you’re on your way to learning their traditional dance, the Cueca! Fly London – Santiago for £765 (round trip, tax included) with TAM.

Cueca can be found across Chile, Bolivia and even in Peru. These dances, while mainly practised in the countryside, fill the city squares in September during the national holidays. This is the best time to join in the fun and try your hands (feet rather) at Chile’s national dance.

What to wear:

Clothing worn during a cueca dance is very traditional. Men wear haso hats, shirts, flannel poncho, riding pants and boots with spurs. The women are usually clad in long flowered dressed, sometimes with aprons.

How to do it:

The dance itself is kind of this a rooster and chicken dance. The man approaches the woman and offer her his arm. The woman then accompanies him and they promenade around the room. They then face each other and hold their handkerchiefs high in the air and begin to dance. They never touch, only with their eyes, maintaining strict eye contact.

Head to Chile and learn to dance!

Img: proimos, Flickr cc.

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