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How do you decide on a destination? Are you swayed by tourism spots on the TV, web or in a magazine? Do you choose your destination from personal recommendation? However you decide, we’re wondering if these tourism spots are actually effective… just because they are so funny!

These are just five among hundreds that, for some reason, still attract a lot of attention despite how seemingly random and hilarious they are. If you had to chose one destination from this batch, which would it be? Do these ads work for you?

EasyJet – Flexible holidays

It pays to know… flexible people? EasyJet hired a professional contortionist, nicknamed “Rubber Richie” for their ad which promoted their flexible holiday offers. It’s impressive alone that he fits in that suitcase, which we hope for EasyJet‘s reputation, fits to their check-in luggage weight and size restrictions.

Israel Tourism – Football

We love a country that can laugh at their own short-comings. Israel didn’t make it to the World Cup but it doesn’t look like they’re too broken up about it. Instead, they turn it around an say, “Hey, we’ve got great beaches and great looking women… what more do you need?” Does this work for you?

BCAA Travel – Wrong suitcase

This is NOT what you expect. A short ad that is more than effective, if not completely hilarious. BCAA has a number of funny ads that target common travel problems in a tongue-in-cheek kind of way. They’re definitely not afraid to take it to the next level and surprise their audiences.

Israel – Size Doesn’t Matter

Here is a funny example how Israel pulls the old “sex sells” trick out of the bag. Do these sexual innuendos convince you that Israel is the next paradise that should be on your travel list? It’s safe to say that this spot was a risky move for Israel’s tourism board and not surprisingly, it was banned immediately from public television. In any case, hilarious.

Switzerland – Getting ready

The Swiss Tourism Board reveals its secrets in this ad, showing to what lengths the locals go to create that picture-perfect atmosphere that everyone raves about on their secluded Alpine holiday. After all, the Swiss are crazy about efficiency and attention to detail… is that cheese fondue fork sharp enough?

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