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Living is expensive. This is especially true for travellers living on the road with no steady source of income. We have some top travelling tips on how to make money whilst you’re travelling.

It may be coming up to the 6 months mark since you took you life-changing flight to Bangkok, and it seems the funds are quickly dwindling and the number is getting scarily close to zero.

You have one of two options: call family and friends for a bail out OR earn your own cash on the road. If you’re a super awesome independent traveller then the second option will best suit you and your ethos.
Here are some jobs you can do whilst travelling (if you have the skills required)

Sell food

If you fancy yourself quite the chef you could cook meals typical of your culture and sell them. There’s no better feeling than sharing your talent with your new travelling buddies and they’ll love to share a part of your culture with you. Of course, if you’re a pretty rubbish cook it’s probably best to skip this one.money1

Sell handicrafts

Local markets are a huge part of most cultures, and can be found in almost every city. So why not take advantage of this and try selling your own handmade crafts. If you have delicate hands, patience and a YouTube tutorial, it will only take a few days to learn how to make leather wallets and cute little bracelets.money2


If you have a good hand for drawing, this could be a pretty sweet gig for earning money. Set up a canvas on a busy street (ideally with plenty of tourists) and paint portraits and landscapes that can be bought. You’ll meet plenty of interesting people and will even have the opportunity to do your passion as a living. Perfect, right?money3


If you enjoy performing to a captivated crowd, or don’t mind performing to a disengaged one that just happen to be walking by you in the street, then busking is your calling. Of course, depending on how good you are at your chosen performance depends on how much cash you will receive from the public. But the great thing about this job is that you can literally busk doing anything: music, singing, circus tricks, illusions, writing poetry, telling jokes and the list goes on and on.mony4


As long as you have a notepad and pen, you can write anywhere! Well actually, nowadays a laptop and WiFi are the tools of a writer BUT you understand the point we’re trying to make. If you have a way with words there are plenty of ways you can earn money from your writing, blogs, sponsors, freelance work or writing for people in the street.money5


Pretty standard; get a bar job.


Photos by: Shutterstock; Sell ​​food by Filipe Machado Rodrigues; Selling crafts by alvizlo; Paint by Antonio Marin Segovia; Working as a laborer for juantiagues; Playing music by German Laullon; Juggling for srgpicker; Waiter work by Jonathan Hood; Writing by Jinny.

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