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Stressing out about now having planned your summer trip yet? Don’t worry, last minute deals are on your side! Fly from London to Alicante in July with Thomsonfly for £54 (return, tax included). Looks like the travel gods are looking out for you after all.When the sand heats up, the sea is refreshing and the cocktails cold there’s only one thing to do: head to the beach. Alicante is buzzing in summertime. The city is alive with nightly festivals by night and by day even the locals hit the beach to enjoy the good weather and the relaxing rays.

If you’ve got a spare week off from the daily-grind at the office, consider this. £54 for a round-trip flight from London to Alicante. 7 days of beach, sun and sea. Travel from July 5th-12th, 2011. Wondering why you haven’t thought of this before?

7 things you must do in Alicante

  1. Stroll down by the marina, either early morning to catch the sunrise or in the evening around 10pm when all the restaurants along the waterfront start to open for late-night dinner.
  2. Explore the Caves of Canalobre which are some of the most impressive caves in all of Spain. Another plus is that they’re just outside the city, a perfect day outing.
  3. Brush up on your bullfighting knowledge at the city’s Bullfighting Museum. Learn about the sport’s traditions and about the country’s biggest heroes. In Spain the bullfighters are revered as much as Hollywood’s stars in the USA.
  4. Into adventure? Kite-boarding on the white sands is the biggest rage right now and you can reach speeds up to 40mph doing this! Now that’s wind in your hair!
  5. If you want to slow the pace down, rent a dinghy and push off into the harbour. Sail around down the coast with a few friends (maybe a few beers as well) and enjoy life on the sea.
  6. With kids in tow, Europe’s biggest water-park is a give-in. Aqualandia is a must!
  7. Escape from the city and take a boat to the Island of Tabarca. The islands is a perfect getaway for a day or the weekend. It’s secluded beaches are the perfect refuge.

Where are you heading in July for holidays?

Img: popsique / Flickr cc.

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