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If you thought you had to travel all the way to Greece or the Mediterranean to spend your summer holidays on an island you’re highly mistaken. Great Britain has a wealth of small islands more that worth visiting for a long weekend. Catch the ferry and forget your worries!

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Great Britain has 6000+ islands in total! While some are simple rocky clusters jutting from the ocean, others are more than worth visiting. If you have a long weekend ahead and you don’t know where to go, consider one of these three islands if you’re digging the whole Robinson Carusoe, deserted-island thing.

Piel Island

Piel Island

It’s a shame that the Cumbrian coast doesn’t get the attention it deserves. That being said, you can have practically the entire coast all to yourself! The scenery is stunning and you won’t have to worry about anyone making their way into your shot. Piel Island is just next to Barrow-in-Furness where you can find what’s left of the ancient and crumbling Piel Castle. You can reach Piel by ferry which run quite regularly during the summertime. Stop by the Ship Inn, an 18th century refuge for sailors and travellers. You can even become a knight of Piel if you buy everyone present a round of drinks at the one and only pub and undergo the official knighting ceremony by the King of Piel.

Mersea Island

Mersea Island

The most easterly island in Britain that is inhabited, Mersea Island can be found a mere 70 miles from London. If the tides are in your favour, it’s a quick journey as well. Back your swimming trunks and the picnic basket, this is a great spot to spend an overnight trip or a weekend. Throw back a plat of famous Essex oysters accompanied by a glass of wine from soil cultivated by the Romans as far back as time goes. If you’re into it, head to Mersea during the summer boat racing regatta, usually the last Saturday in August at high tide. They race all kinds of boats from yachts to little dinghies.

Lundy Island

Lundy Island

Where Lundy ends, the Atlantic Ocean begins and then there’s nothing else until you reach North America. Lundy Island sits at the very edge of the Bristol Channel. It’s small, but you can’t miss it. Most head here for a slow-paced day or two, taking in the wildlife, hiking the walking trails and wondering why they don’t visit this slice of paradise more often. Chat it up with some puffins and relax. The entire island is recognised as a conservation area for its unique marine and fauna life. There a more than a dozen hotels to accommodate holiday travellers including a lighthouse, castle and Victorian mansion… take your pick!

Which island are you going to visit this summer?

Imgs: ultraBobban, Silver*Rose, markhal / Flickr cc.

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