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Surprisingly, the dirtiest place on a plane is not located in the toilet according to new research., a travel website, sampled five different airports and four flights to find out where exactly is the place with the most germs.

The results showed the tray table right in front of you to harbor the most gems, nearly 20 times more bacteria than the aircraft’s toilet flush. Behind the tray table were exactly 2,155 germ colonies– forming units per square inch (CFU/

The second dirtiest place was the drinking fountain button in airports which gathered 1,240 CFU/

To put these numbers into perspective, our kitchen surface at home has around 361 CDU/ and our toilet seats at home 172 CFU/sq (according to American National Science Foundation.)

The airline and aircraft were not named, but have been identified as testing negatively to harmful fecal coliform.

IMG: Σταύρος / Flickr .cc

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