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…Incheon Airport in Seoul! It’s not the first time this Korean airport has won the honour of being the world’s best airport. This year again, Asian airports led the way for best airports while London Heathrow ranked 11th, not bad considering the recent epically long border delays.

The Korean airport earned the title “World’s Best Airport” at the annual World Airport Awards sponsored by Skytrax just ahead of Changi in Singapore and Hong Kong International Airport. Is anyone surprised? Incheon International Airport is amazing!

The results were calculated after a long satisfaction survey completed by passengers in airports, conducted by Skytrax, a leading consulting firm in the air travel industry. Covering 338 airports and surveying more than 12 million passengers from more than 100 different nationalities… we’d say they did their homework to elect this year’s best airports.

Top 10 airports in the world

Only three European airports made it into the top ten: Amsterdam, Munich and Zurich.

  1. Incheon (Seoul)
  2. Singapore Changi
  3. Hong Kong
  4. Amsterdam Schiphol
  5. Beijing Capital
  6. Munich
  7. Zurich
  8. Kuala Lumpur
  9. Vancouver
  10. Central Japan

Not all is lost for Heathrow though. Sitting at number 11 this year, it improved quite a bit considering it was ranked at 16 last year. We’re not surprised that Amsterdam is ranked as the best airport in Europe… it has a library and a sign vendor!

Incheon International Airport
Incheon International Airport

European airports king of low cost?

While Asian airports cleared out the trophy case for “world’s best” awards, Europe got its redemption when the low cost awards came around. London is looking good with two airports in first and second place for best low cost airports.

  1. London Stansted
  2. Luton
  3. Brussels Charleroi
  4. Kuala Lumpur
  5. Frankfurt Hahn
Stansted Airport

Which are your favourite airports? What is the most important airport amenity for you while travelling?

Imgs: toy  design, orangeandmilk, d’n’c, jon smith. / Flickr cc.


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4 responses to “And the prize for world’s best airport goes to…

  1. Sorry but ever since Heathrow got rid of its trolleys I avoid it… can’t lug all my stuff around from security to security without a bit of rolling help – and certainly can’t shop… Shame.

    1. Hey Leyla,
      I hadn’t noticed that their trolleys were gone but a big travel pet peeve of mine is when you have to pay to use the airport trolleys… who honestly has coins in a foreign currency when they first step off the plane?? I had to borrow $2 from another passenger the last time I went to Toronto. Big fail if you ask me!

  2. Heathrow is quite a nice airport (if we exclude the recent immigration problems like you mentioned). Hopefully it’s not too bad today, as I should be arriving there in two hours or so. I’ve been to the other four in the top 5, but not to the Soul one, so can’t comment on that, but I think I prefer the Hong Kong one over Singapore. And Amsterdam for sure is the best I’ve been in Europe. I actually quite like it!

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