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BA cabin crew… the long and drawn out dispute continues. The workers voted in favour of Easter strikes which could disrupt flights for thousands of travellers heading out of the UK over Easter and Bank holiday weekends, expected to be the busiest time of the year for UK travellers.

Britons have the luxury of 4 bank holidays within an 11 day period this spring so of course many are planning getaways and holidays, making the most of their days off. While no strike dates have yet been chosen, the vote in favour of staging fresh strikes was successful. The cabin crew union has been in a 2-year long row with British Airways, resulting in 22 days of strikes in 2010.

As for the travellers, how does it affect them?

Flights: which will be affected?

90% of BA’s cabin crew voted in favour of striking sometime in the next 28 days. While no official dates have been chosen, the earliest will be April 4th (since the union must give the airline at least 7 days notice) and the latest will be April 25th (since the ballot is valid for one month’s time), with is Easter Monday. As for which flights will be affected, British Airways will likely operate as many long-haul flights as possible and domestic and short-haul services will take the bigger hit.

Refunds: are you entitled to one?

EU regulations require British Airways, as will every airline, to offer its passengers a full refund of any unused part of their ticket if they cancel flights. The airline may also offer to put passengers on the next soonest available flight. If you would like to cancel your flight before they do, you will lose your money unless your ticket is flexible or is eligible for a refund.

Stranded abroad: now what?

For passengers that may be unfortunately stranded abroad because of the dispute, BA is responsible for paying for meals and refreshments in accordance to delay time. Passengers must also be provided two free phone calls, emails as well as overnight hotel accommodation and transfers when necessary.

Air travel rights

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