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Think you’re too old to wear a onesie? Virgin Atlantic doesn’t think so. They’ve even brought this “ultimate slack wear fashion tend” to their passengers on long-haul flights. It’s an airline industry first, and we can’t say we’re surprised! Take a look.

We’d like to introduce you to the Virgin Atlantic OnePiece, which is a trial limited edition onesie for Upper Class passengers on selected long-haul flights. You can see some pics below, modelled by British model Amber Le Bon. Virgin says,

“…the onesie is set to become a must have for bedtime glamour. The bespoke onesie blends our rock n’ roll spirit with design expertise from OnePiece to offer unrivalled comfort for sky-high slumber.”

The onesie crazy all started in 2007 when a couple of twenty-something Norwegians put their heads together to create the “ultimate chillout outfit.” The three designers sewed a hooded sweatshirt and a pair of sweatpants together and ta-da! The onesie was born. Virgin’s team has worked “tirelessly” to create the perfect onesie that combines sleeping comfort and style.

The onesies are unisex and have the words “Sleepy Head” written on the back.



Hey Rich, nice onesie!

It’s not only models that are getting into the onesie craze. Even Richard Branson is known to wear one while chilling out at home on the weekends. See?


You can always count on Virgin Atlantic to come up with something new and innovative. Want to get your paws on a Virgin Atlantic onesie? Check out the Virgin Atlantic blog for more info. Is this a new airline trend you can get behind? Would you like to wear a onesie on your next flight?


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2 responses to “Virgin Atlantic wants you to wear a onesie

  1. I love the idea of a one piece pajama bottom. Not only does it look very comfortable to travel in, it seems like a great way to insure you don’t get stains on your best outfits. I just have one question. Do you provide any for children? If so this is a must try for me and my son on are next vacation. Thank you Virgin Atlantic

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