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Those considering cheap flights to Beijing may be reassured about their choice with the arrival of a new brochure from one travel agency.

Audley has announced the launch of a guidebook to China, Russia and Central Asia, which might well work to encourage others to book cheap hotels in Shanghai.

Destinations covered include the two Chinese cities, with some of their main attractions featured heavily.

Suggested itineraries for jet-setters making their way through the metropolises include the Shanghai aquarium, which may particularly appeal to nature fans and those with small children.

In addition, the Beijing Sony ExploraScience centre is highlighted as a must-see.

And “a trip on the Maglev train in Shanghai, the 798 Art Zone and Olympic Park in Beijing and stylish modern hotels such as The Opposite House in Beijing and 88 Xintiandi in Shanghai” are also noted.

Passengers may still wish to compare prices on flights to the Asian country before making any monetary commitment, however.

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