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People from Western countries heading to China on Beijing flights may encounter some customs they find unfamiliar when they touch down in the Asian country.

Daniel Clarke, contributing for Suite101, noted a spot of pre-planning can help travellers become accustomed to the traditions of the nation in relation to venues such as restrooms, restaurants and hotels.

The writer claimed – despite most public bathrooms in China now being free to use and located on nearly every street – many have little or no toilet paper or soap, suggesting tourists may be wise to carry some around with them at all times.

He added the food menus in the country will often be very different to what people are used to in the Western world, so those staying in cheap hotels in Beijing should not be afraid to leave if nothing appeals to them, as “many Chinese will do the same”.

Mr Clarke’s comments follow news travel agency Audley has launched a new guidebook to China, Russia and Central Asia, listing many of the main attractions in the country.

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