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Eastern Europe may not have famous mountains like the Swiss and Austrian Alps but it does seem to be the bargain destination for those of us looking at booking a skiing holiday this coming winter. Slovenia, Romania and Bulgaria are prime spots for cheap ski resorts and all-day passes!

Did you know you can go on a week-long ski holiday for less than £300 in Europe this winter? That includes a week of skiing, ski hire, dinners and drinks easily. So where can you look to plan your winter holiday? Seems like Poiana Brasov in Romania crowns the cheap ski destinations this season with Bansko in Bulgaria close behind followed by Slovenia’s Kanin.

Poiana Brasov – Romania

Undoubtedly the most popular tourist spot in Romania when the snow starts to fall, Poiana Brasov attracts visitors from Italy, Germany, France and even Switzerland. Just 12 km from Brasov, the summits are easily reached by car, bus and shuttle. With hotels, restaurants and a nightclub, there’s hardly reason to come down from the mountain.

  • Lift ticket: around 110 lei/day (£22)
  • Ski rental: 45 lei/day (£9)
  • Accommodations: hotels from €40/night (£30)
  • Airfare: flights from £49 for travel in January
  • Advice: avoid the weekends, they’re extremely crowded!

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Bansko – Bulgaria

Lying in a valley between three mountains, a goldmine for skiers and snowboarders. Pirin lays to the west, Rila is to the north and Rhodopes to the east. Pirin is by far the closest at hand from the city but the others are worth the extra trek, especially if you plan to stay in the area longer than a week. Mt Todorka is the usual first stop with a 2756m peak.

  • Lift ticket: €28 per day or €159 for six days (£24 and £137 respectively)
  • Ski rental: €36/day (£31)
  • Accommodations: doubles starting from €30/night (£26)
  • Airfare: flights from £50 for travel in January
  • Longest uninterrupted descent: 16km from Todorka Peak to Bansko lift station

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Kanin – Slovenia

With slopes higher than 2000m, Bovec and Kanin are ideal spots for winter jaunt. While speeding down the slopes, enjoy views of the Soča River Valley below, the Alps and the Adriatic Sea. There are 30km of slopes and 8 lifts. What’s most unique about this area is that you can ski in three different countries on the same trip. The Bovec and Kanin region has 5 ski resorts nearby, the most popular being Sella Nevea and Tarvisio in Italy, Arnoldstein in Austria and Kanin in Slovenia.

  • Lift ticket: €28 per day, discounts available (£24)
  • Ski rental: €20/day (£17)
  • Accommodations: doubles starting from €27.50/night (£24)
  • Airfare: flights from £74 for travel in January

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What are you favourite winter travel spots in Europe? Are you heading on a ski holiday this coming season?

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