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There are a million places you could go for a historical holiday – but why not book some cheap flights to Beijing for a taste of what China has to offer?

According to the Xinhua News Agency, the Chengdu region is ideal for anyone keen on exploring times gone by, not least because it combines ancient history with some truly beautiful architecture in the form of temples.

The Wuhou Temple, for example, is both a cultural and historical relic, built in 223 AD as a sacred place of the Three Kingdoms and, for almost 1,800 years, has been a choice tourist destination for people staying in cheap hotels in Beijing and other forms of accommodation.

Or the Wenshu Temple – the best-preserved and largest Buddhist sanctuary – which boasts a “rich collection of ancient paintings, sutras calligraphy”, could be perfect for anyone keen to experience other customs.

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One response to “Beijing’s Chengdu ‘is calling out to history-lovers’

  1. Hi, China is sometimes referred to as Beijing because Beijing is its capital. Chengdu is located in Sichuan and it’s kind of far away from Beijing, so by saying Beijing’s Chengdu, it is almost like saying London’s Newcastle or Washington’s New York.

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