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Exeter-based airline Flybe has been named as the best in the UK in a new report from a consumer watchdog.

Conducted by Which?, the carrier survey saw that Flybe was top, scoring four out of five stars for cleanliness, three for leg room and four for seating arrangements, with an overall ranking of 62 per cent.

Those booking cheap flights to Toronto could also be interested to hear that EasyJet and Thomson Airways came lower down the list, with 56 per cent and 46 per cent respectively.

For long-haul airlines, Air New Zealand took poll position with 86 per cent, closely followed by Singapore Airlines with 85 per cent.

Head of research Rochelle Turner noted that booking the cheapest flights to Toronto with a “good-quality” airline can “really make a difference to your holiday”.

“While the cost of flights is important to customers, it’s things like friendly cabin staff and reasonable luggage allowances that leave a lasting impression,” she continued.

These results follow a recent Webcredible report revealing that EasyJet and Ryanair’s websites are the most usable.

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