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We’ve got summer on our minds, and all these photos of fantastic beaches aren’t helping! If you’re tired of the clouds and rain, then you’d better start looking at tickets to these hot, sunny, beachy and beautiful places. Cocktails all’round, this is going to be one tempting ride!

With MSN’s latest study on the best beaches in the world, is anyone surprised that 8 of these are found right in Europe? Turns out we don’t have to travel so far to hit up the best of the best this summer. Sun block, hat and suit at the ready, we’re going to the beach!

Cavoli – Isola d’Elba, Italy

We’re on the beautiful coast of Elba, an island off the coast of Tuscany where we’re visiting not only one of the most famous beaches of the island but by far the most beautiful. You’ll never be so thankful you’ve booked flights to Italy after you’ve been here.



Praia and Focu – Ricardi, Italy

The beach below is located right in the Capo Vaticano in southern Italy. This wide beach is in the Ricadi Municipality in Calabria. The huge white granite rocks surrounding it make for some stunning scenery.



Conigli Beach – Lampedusa, Italy

This beach on the island of Lampedusa needs no introduction. Located on the southern side of the island, it is a favourite.



“Principe” Beach – Sardinia, Italy

We’re in the province of Olbia-Tempio next, on the legendary island of Sardinia, heralded for centuries for its beauty. The Costa Smeralda, the Emerald Coast, is where you’ll find this beach.



Calanque d’En-Vau – France

Southern France has always been known for its beaches but finding the best ones takes a little effort. You’ll find this one in a cove between Marseille and Cassis and is stormed by tourists as soon as tourists arrive.



Golden Point – Croatia

Zlatni Rat in Croatian, it is a long beach that stretches out along the island of Brač.



Peraia – Greece

We’re in Pylaros, Kefalonia now on Peraia Beach. You’ll find it on the road between Agrostoli and Feskardo close to the famous castle of Assos.



Playa de Levante – Spain

Finally, we arrive in Formentera in Spain. This northern island has a long beach pointing straight at Ibiza, party central.



What we don’t get is why none of the UK’s top 7 beaches didn’t make the list! What are your favourite beaches in Europe? 

Imgs: ahenobarbus, Emich, diametrik, akunamatata, quinefoune13, passer8, federer&partner, emmequadro61, sonia uliana, stracd, d_vdm, ComùnicaTI, Linda Cronin, EEPaul / Flickr cc.

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  1. Wow, some very good pictures of some stunning coastline. Although I maybe a little bias I love Praia beach in Ricardi on the West coast of Calabria. This is very close to where I live so I get to visit this beach very frequently. Thanks for the beautiful pictures Katie.

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