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After a long two-year battle, British Airways crewmembers have won the right to ditch the classic airhostess skirt and wear trousers, should they choose.

BA have tried to emulate old-world glamour by asking their employees to follow strict uniform requirements, which have been particularly restrictive for female cabin crew.

Female flight attendants who joined the company before 2010 have been allowed to wear trousers for the last 15 years, but women who were recruited post-2010 do not have trousers as an option.

Putting the obvious problem regarding equality aside, forcing female flight attendants to wear skirts introduces issues of safety. In the case of a fire, nylon pantyhose can melt, producing burns, while trousers made from natural fibers – like the BA’s trouser – provide protection.

The crew Union, Unite, have fought for the right for all members to have the option to wear skirt or pants, and after two years they have succeeded.

They are now celebrating a victory in equality!

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