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This video of how Amsterdam hopes to develop over the next twenty-five years is nothing short of inspiring and an example to global cities around the world who hope to keep up with booming tourism, a growing population while remaining sustainable.

Thinking about booking cheap flights to Amsterdam in the future? You won’t be disappointed by the city’s plans to rejuvenate old industrial neighbourhoods like Buiksloterham in the north and Zuidas in the south. The city also plans to put new life into the city’s industrial riverfront, building more transport links and developing the world’s first 3-D printed canal house!

Did you know Amsterdam hopes to host the 2028 Summer Olympic Games?

Amsterdam is already busting at the seams, particularly in central Amsterdam around the city’s famous canals. This new plan should help the city develop in a sustainable way over the next decades as the city is pushed economically, physically and socially.

Take a look at the city’s plans!

This can only be regarded as a good thing as Amsterdam continues to be a popular tourist destination for European travellers and for travellers from around the world.

Img: anieto2k / Flickr cc.

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