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Local authorities in Benidorm have started to paint ‘Look Left’ signs on zebra crossings in an attempt to prevent confused Brit holiday makers looking the wrong way for oncoming traffic. They will focus their efforts on an area known as Little England.

Since 2013, a total of 17 pedestrian and 102 road accidents have been linked to Brits. Council chiefs have said the idea is to reduce the number of accidents, especially at nighttime when holidaymakers have had too many drinks and easily forget to look the correct way.

The first zebra crossing to be painted with large letter is located on the corner of the busy intersection where Mallorca Street meets Gerona Street.

So, when you next take a trip to Benidorm be sure to keep safe and always remember to look left!

IMG: Benidorm Jun. 2015 (37) by calafellvalo / Flickr cc.

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