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Still feeling crunched by the tail of the financial crisis and the drop of the pound against the Euro? Times are tough, as they say but the crisis isn’t stopping Britons from travelling or enjoying their holidays, that’s for sure. The solution? Camping! Either in the UK or elsewhere in Europe, setting up tent and cooking over an open fire is not just for treehuggers, it’s for everyone!

The truth is that if you’re really strapped for cash, there is no reason to cancel your holidays completely, it’s amazing how many budget options there are right at home! Rediscover the beauty of England or Scotland, the Channel Islands or Ireland. A short jaunt to the countryside may not have the exotic touch a holiday in Japan would, but is it really the destination that makes the holiday?

Summer is already good, but it just keeps getting better…

July is almost over, is that even possible? Summer, more than any other season, has the ability to breeze by without a trace. Camping sites in the UK are as busy as ever this July, especially camp-sites near the coast. Some of the UK’s more remote campsites though are still undiscovered, giving you and your family the chance to get away, get in touch with nature and spend some time together… away from the distractions of city life and daily routines.

What you need:

  • thin sleeping mattress (Therma-Rest or other thin inflatable one)
  • sleeping bag (either a summer or 3 season one)
  • knife (very useful, not just for cooking)
  • stove and pots (a small one since it’s not always possible to cook over the fire if it’s raining or there is a fire-ban in place)
  • stainless steel water flask (because plastic bottled water is out of fashion in great outdoors)
  • torch (with fresh batteries and a backup pair)
  • vegetables (our instinct is to roast sausages for dinner, but don’t forget the greens too!)

Take the kids!

A surprising amount of hotels and Bed & Breakfasts don’t openly welcome kids and it can be hard to find a place that will let boisterous little ones climb up and down the walls. This is why camping is so cool for kids. They have the space

Wild camping is illegal in England, but many regions are tolerant! (img: flickr cc)

and time to run as much as they like. And once evening hits, they’re exhausted, giving you and your sweetheart some private time.

Why camp? Nature, scenery, outdoor activities like swimming, hiking,trekking and canoeing are just some of the possibilities when it comes to camping in the UK. Most of all it’s incredibly budget-friendly if you already have a tent, sleeping bags and other camping gear. (If not, borrow from some friends!)

Where are Britons going camping?

Dozens of camp grounds in East Sussex, Devon, Cornwall and along the Isle of Wight have been popular holiday and camping destinations for Britons for years. This summer is of course no exception. The Gower Coast is attracting many travellers from London and Bristol as well!

Go luxurious. Of course if you love to camp and spend time outdoors and you don’t have a budget to keep, why not try glamping for a change? This style of accommodations puts camping on a whole new level. The comforts of 4 or 5-star hotels in a natural setting either in caravans, safari tents or teepees.

What do you think about a camping holiday, are you up for it? Check out some of our previous articles if you need some more ideas for planning a budget family holiday.

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3 responses to “Broke? Time to rediscover camping…

  1. I adore camping!
    I used to camp with the whole family by the beach, free camping. Nowadays its almost impossible here in Spain to do so. Specific camping spaces have been built and camping in those special spots is not so “unique” anymore. Anyways, there are still loads of places to discover!!!!

    ps. Never used a mattress in my life! XD

  2. I've been taking a look around camping and walking sites for some time – hence why @campinglinks has been set up to allow info out more freely. One website I've found which your readers maybe interested in, because it offers such great outdoor equipment including tents and waterproof gear is

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