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Thanks to the new route from London to Luxor with EasyJet, Cairo is cheaper than ever! If you’re thinking of taking a quick jaunt to Egypt’s finest iconic sights this season, here are a few tips to follow if you want to keep your trip under the £200 mark.

The new addition to easyJet‘s destination list comes at the best time, when we’re looking for warmer destinations to visit in the coming months. EasyJet is the first British low cost airline to service the Cairo and with flights starting from £128 roundtrip, it’s a great way to save if you’re looking for cheap holidays in Cairo.

How to travel to Cairo for only £200?

  • Flights: Flying to Luxor rather than directly to Cairo is one way to save on airfares. Apart from easyJet there are a handful of other airlines that service the route from London such as Thomas Cook Airlines, Egyptair, BMI and Alitalia. You can expect to pay more however by not flying low cost.
  • Hotels: For the budget conscious, you’re better off finding a cheap hotel in the downtown area and avoiding the 5-star high-rises along the Nile. You can find hotels for as little as £12 a night.
  • Meals: One of the great things about Cairo are the food markets, stalls and family-owned restaurants. Keep in mind though that cheaper restaurants are unlikely to also serve alcohol. On a budget you can easily eat for under LE 10 (£1.10) a meal (including a drink). In the mid-range expect to dish out anywhere from LE 10-35 (£1.10-£4.00) for a meal.
    Landscape of the Nile River
    Cruise the Nile for a couple of quid!
  • City transportation: The city metro is an excellent way to get to and fro, costing a mere LE 1.00 (10 p) for a single journey. At that price you could ride all day to and from the pyramids!
  • Sightseeing: If you want to go inside the pyramids, get ready to pay for it. Otherwise there are plenty of very cheap things to do and see around Cairo. A 30 minute felucca tour along the Nile costs 2 LE (20 p) or you can charter your own for only 20 LE (£2.00). Visit the oldest zoo in the world for 20 LE (£2.00), wander around the Coptic sites in Old Cairo for free and the Egyptian Museum for a small fee as well.
  • Airport: Getting to and from the airport is both cheap and a headache. Unless you’re very adventurous taking the public bus, you’re better off grabbing a taxi. Negotiate the price before you get in though. From Luxor, don’t pay more than 50 LE (£5.00). On the way back, allow yourself at least 2-3 hours to get there as the traffic is unpredictable but likely heavy.

If you count flights, three nights in a budget hotel, eating cheap from food stalls for lunch and splurging for dinner at a mid-range restaurant, getting to and from the airport, riding the metro a couple times a day and seeing a few museums and catching a tour of the Nile, there is still at least £10 to spare for shopping out of the £200 total.

So what are you waiting for? Search for cheap flights to Luxor!

Img: yourdon / flickr cc

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