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There is nothing like waking up in the morning in your hotel room, slipping on your robe and a pair of complementary slippers and heading to the window to take in the view… Sleeping in a high rise hotel does have its perks but for those who really believe in walking on the wild side would probably opt to sleep in one of the world’s strangest hotels without looking back.

You can admit it, don’t worry. You’ve always dreamed of staying in a hotel in Paris with a view of the Eiffel Tower, sparkling at night with romantic Paris at your feet. Hold that thought because once you’ve seen these extravagant and quaint hotels, you’ll want nothing less (including that room with a view of Paris). Let’s go!

Sleep in a dog (woof!)

The idea for this hotel goes back to the days of Ulysses and his famous Trojan Horse, except this Bed & Breakfast is in the shape of a dog (looking a little Beethoven-like). You can find this pair of huge St. Bernard-looking hotel in Cottonwood, Idaho. It’s pretty safe to say that it’s unlike any other hotel in the USA, wouldn’t you agree?

Dog-shaped hotel in the USA
Who hasn't dreamt of sleeping in a dog?
Two dog-shaped hotels
Mama dog and baby dog... how sweet!
Dog-shaped souvenirs
You can also take home a miniature model of your hotel (what a souvenir!)

Planes, trains, trams (and UFOS)

These days just about everything is possible, especially in the Netherlands. You can even choose which mode of transportation you’d like to sleep in, including an extra-terrestrial hide-out. Get your beauty rest in the cabin of an aircraft or in the caboose of a train. Located in the northern part of the country in Hoodwoud (between Hoorn and Alkmaar), it’s a town you don’t want to skip over, especially if you’re looking for a very memorable night’s sleep.

train hotel
The train in all its glory!
Tram hotel
This urban train even comes with personal waiting staff
Aeroplane hotel
Have sky-high dreams in this aircraft
UFO Hotel
Now this is something worth writing home about
Inside the train hotel
No doubt this wagon is equipped with all the creature comforts
Patio of the train
The train even has a patio to enjoy on warm summer nights

This is only a taste of what you can expect when you arrive:

Sleep underwater

These days it’s hard to find good-priced land so why not just build your hotel underwater? That’s what one person thought in Key Largo, Florida where you can find the only underwater hotel in North America. The Jules Undersea Lodge gives a whole new meaning to wet dreams…

Underwater hotel door
The hardest part is getting there (21 feet underwater)
Inside window of the underwater hotel
The view isn't great, but the occasional school swims by
Couple getting married underwater
This hotel even offers wedding packages!

Sleep in an igloo

Embrace winter with open arms at this icy hotel in Switzerland! You don’t have to be an Eskimo to stay in a house made of ice, just don’t forget to bring your woolies because it can get quite cold. Not unlike the famous ice hotels in Canada and Sweden, once the air warms up inside the snow acts as insulation, keeping the place nice and warm.

Hot tub at the snow hotel
Take a dip in the Jacuzzi when it's -15°, the hardest part is getting out!
Inside of the snow hotel
As for interior design, not too shabby!
...and it's romantic...
Dinner is served at the snow hotel

Sleep in a cave

Those nostalgic for the past (the very distant past) can relive Neanderthal times in an ancient cave, just like the Flintstones! The only difference is that the shower isn’t an elephant (unfortunately) and the phone isn’t a winged dinosaur. Get your “bam-bam” on in Turkey at the Gamirasu Cave Hotel.

Cave hotel at night
MTV's Cribs should take a look at this place
Giramisu Hotel at night
Night-time is when all the magic happens
Entrance to a cave room at the Giramisu Hotel
Not so different from your own room, wouldn't you say?

Sleep in an artistic masterpiece

For art-lovers this hotel should be at the top of their list. What are you waiting for? Head to Berlin where every room is a different piece of art, each unique and for very different tastes. It’s no Mona Lisa but it’s definitely unforgettable!

One experience not too many people live to tell about...

Anyone digging this futuristic pad?

Almost too much to handle

The grand hotel tour isn’t over, there are plenty more strange hotels where these came from. These are just a taste of what kind of accommodations await you capital cities and the smallest of towns. Part two of the weirdest hotels in the world is coming next week!

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