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Sometimes a standard double room just doesn’t cut it. What better alternative to cookie-cutter franchise hotel rooms than sleeping in a tree hotel? Here are five from around the world, guaranteeing a unique night’s sleep.

Treehotel, Sweden

Modern Scandinavian design and immense forests go hand-in-hand at this northern hotel. Sweden’s Treehotel has six guest rooms, a tree sauna and chapel (soon) available at tree-level. Footbridges connect houses, mirrored cubes and saucer-like rooms that fit singles, couples and can even accommodate families. Summer is the busiest season but winter offers some magnificent views of snow-covered landscapes.

Free Spirit Spheres, Canada

Feeling at home in nature comes easily on Vancouver Island along the western coast of Canada. These suspended spheres sway in the wind, move with the trees they’re attached to. There are currently two for rent, named Eryn and Eve. Eryn has a double bed, cupboard and space to spread out, even a sink and microwave while Eve is a lot more cosy, with just a bed and bench. Made by hand, this is a lovely spot for a stopover. You’ll need to catch flights to Vancouver to reach this island.

Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica, Peru

Deep in a Peruvian rain forest is one luxurious dig. The Canopy Tree House Suite is more than any Swiss Family Robinson fan could dream of. Sitting 90 feet above the ground, guests have the opportunity to see toucans, orchids, monkeys and other fauna up close and personal. Would you like your own canopy butler? No problem, reach him by walkie-talkie, he’s at your beck and call. This hotel is 100% carbon neutral.

Kandir Tree Houses, Turkey

Nestled along the Mediterranean coast, Kandir is popular among backpackers and those looking for unique yet cheap hotels in Turkey. With two bars, a seafood restaurant and a snack bar, there’s no going hungry at this place. There are 100+ bungalows, 15 cabins and 10 dorm rooms in addition to camping grounds.

Tree House Hotel, Costa Rica

“Do as the birds do, sleep in the canopy of the trees…” a welcoming phrase from this southern hotel in Costa Rica. How would you like to sleep in the trees with the comfort of having hot water showers, air conditioning, a refrigerator and even fresh and hot coffee in the mornings. Each house has two levels, with beds on both levels. The hotel is surrounded by 80 acres of protected wilderness and tours of the region are available to guests.

Fancy sleeping in a tree? Which tree house hotel would you choose?

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