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Cathay Pacific just launched a “sweet”-stakes that have everyone talking. They’re looking for some new desserts to add to their in-flight menu and they’re not turning to celebrity chefs, they’re turning to you! Submit your recipe and you could win a flight to Hong Kong!

Cathay Pacific calls it “The Art of Dessert” contest and the lucky winners that have a special talent with everyone’s favourite part of the meal will have their dessert served 30,000 feet in the air. So, how do you enter?

  1. Create an original Asian-inspired dessert.
  2. Submit a photograph of it (remember, presentation is everything!) and your recipe to Cathay Pacific’s Facebook page.
  3. Tell them why you think your dessert deserves to win.

The contest winner will receive 2 Business Class airline tickets to Hong Kong and the opportunity to have their dessert served on Cathay Pacific international flights. The contest just started and runs until January 31st, but all submissions for the grand prize must be in by November 16th!

When you submit your entry, don’t forget to include ingredient quantities, your name and the inspiration you found to create your Asian-inspired dessert. Upload one photograph and “Like” Cathay Pacific on Facebook. That’s it!

What will you be cooking up for the sweet-toothed judges at Cathay Pacific?

Img: danisabella / flickr cc

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4 responses to “Cathay Pacific is sweet on your desserts

  1. Wow Kris!
    My mouth is watering, it sounds delicious! Good luck with the contest… if your dessert tastes as good as it sounds then I'm sure you've got a good shot at those flights to Hong Kong.

  2. I made a dessert especially for this contest. My theory is that the dessert should be have a mix of asian and western flavors. Also since CP is known for being a premium airline, the dessert should have a touch of name brand decadence. So I added in Champagne. In fact I used the same Champagne that is served on Cathay's flights (Krug).

    So my entry is:
    Chai Tea Cheesecake w Almond Ice Cream and a Champagne Asian Pear Coulis.

  3. It is a cool contest isn't it? Have any ideas what kind of dessert you're going to whip up for them?

  4. good day,

    what a competition to experience a lot of new thing . opportunity to have ones dessert served on Cathay Pacific international flights. Would like to know more from you …

    Retro Sweets

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