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Have you ever dreamt of spending the day of the leprechauns, flowing beer, pots of golden coins and hearty foods in the land where it all started?At this point Dublin is way out of the question, flight prices are sky-high. Instead, fly London to Cork for £30 with Ryanair, return.

Cheaper flights means more money for beer, right? Currently flights to Dublin are running well above £100 for the St. Patrick Day weekend. Cork, which certainly won’t be over-laden with tourists hoping to experience an “authentic” St. Patrick’s Day experience, is a perfect alternative. Cosy up with the locals at the pub, drink to good health and celebrate the holiday where everyone is Irish.

Green beer? That’s just for American frosh parties. What do real Irish drink on their unofficial national holiday? Classic stouts (names like Guinness, Murphey’s and O’Hara’s Irish Stout are all good) and less famous are their red ales (preferably Smithwick’s). Don’t know what to order from the tap? Ask the bartender to pour you one of his favourite, and to pour one for himself… a polite way to tip without actually leaving some change on the bar.

Wherever you’re celebrating good ‘ol St. Patrick’s Day this March (17th-24th), do it like a real Irishman. Don’t know how? Don’t worry this “how-to” video will help you out.

Flight prices are not guaranteed, all fares found at the time of writing: 17/02/2011 at 11:30 GMT.
Img: ykjc9, Flickr cc.

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