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“Hey, remember me? We met on a plane…” We’re used to saying that life is built on chance encounters but with the help of a new site, there’s hope that these chance flight encounters can become something more. 

If you’ve ever met someone that really sparked your interest on a flight but didn’t have the chance to change emails or phone numbers (more like Skype details and Twitter handles), not all is lost.

Introducing The idea is simple, you fill in your flight number, date of flight as well as your departure and arrival airports and a comment describing the encounter. The site checks its database for others who filled in the same criteria and with a little luck, the person you’re looking for will have already posted the encounter. After that, it’s up to you to make the next move! 😉

The best part of the site is how easy it is to share your flight stories on social networks like Facebook and Twitter to up your chances of finding that lost connection.


Message in a bottle from the 21st century

Buenos Aires – Geneva IB 6844:

“I’d like to find the beautiful young Italian woman working in Switzerland, near Nyon, in a medical clinic as a neuro-psychologist. We met at check-in before our flight to Buenos Aires.”

New York – San Francisco UA 1277:

“To the cutie sitting in the first row. Sorry, I lost you in the baggage reclaim area!”

2.7 billion passengers in 2011, millions of possible connections

The idea of is pretty romantic, don’t you think? Because who (seriously) checks the “missed connections” section on Craigslist? In 2011 alone about 3 billion flights took off. The chances of meeting someone at 10,000 metres altitude are pretty high when you think about it. Who started it all? Australian Will Scully-Power, after he fell head over heels on a Kuala Lumpur – Sydney flights last year.


Interesting fact: every month 4,400 people search on Google for “we met on a flight.” It was enough for Will to realize that he’s not the only one looking for that missed connection and that there’s really no easy way for people to find each other later without know each other’s name. To finish the story, Will found the girl again and they’re living “happily ever after” in Sydney. He started up the site so that others could have the same chance that he did.

Why let fate choose the passenger sitting next to you though? KLM lets you browse Facebook and LinkesIn profiles of other passengers before choosing your seat, a service called Meet and Seat.

Have you ever met someone special on a flight? Share your stories!

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