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There is something really super going on at Singapore’s Changi Airport and it’s no has nothing to do with Duty Free. It’s a slide! Not just any slide, it’s a 12m tall in terminal 3, the largest in any airport around the world. Can you say “amazing”?

First Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport opened the first airport library this summer and now this? Singapore has big plans for their airport, just reinforcing what we’ve already noticed about Asian airports in general. They’re, let’s say, the best airports in the world.

The Super Slide is just the beginning though of what awaits passengers with flights to Singapore. Travellers with stopovers at Changi International can also enjoy a full-blown movie theatre, roof-top swimming pool and a Butterfly Garden (which is also home to 200+ carnivorous plants).

Enough about the airport’s other attractions though, let’s talk about the slide. Unveiled in late August, it’s been stirring a whirl of compliments since then. Travellers that spend at least £14 at the airport will receive two tokens for riding the slide. It’s fast though, and not really recommended for little kids. Travelling at almost 6m per second, this is one must-experience airport joy ride! For those that are a little hesitant, there is s shorter slide (only 1 1.2 floors tall compared to four) that is free just one floor down.


Img: fansofchangi / flickr

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