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Nuit Blanche in Paris is the cultural night of the year. It’s one of the most anticipated events in the arts calendar for the French capital and a night not to be missed. October 5th celebrates the festival’s twelfth anniversary. The night sees tons of Paris museums and galleries open their doors all night long…

The first Nuit Blanche took place in 2002 and has quickly become the holy grail for art and culture events in Paris. It attracts hundreds of thousands to Paris’ streets for one night to celebrate the city’s arts. Museums, galleries, public squares and parks host events and open their doors, all for free, to visitors for most of the night. Concerts in the streets, installations and interactive artwork take over.


Want to part of it this year? This year’s Nuit Blanche takes place on October 5th and you can still hop over to Paris for less than one hundred quid if you want to experience it. Take off on an Air France flight October 3rd, spend a fantastic weekend in the city and head back home on Monday morning for £96 (return, taxes included).

Making the most of your Nuit Blanche

The best strategy to making the most of the night is to choose a few key stops from the official program (French only!). Let the rest happen by chance, you never know who you’ll meet along the way or what you’ll discover by taking a wrong turn. Amble your way around the capital, you night’s fate is already written in the Blanche cards. It’s all part of the magic.




Will you be there?

Imgs: vincent desjardins, rog01, y.caradec / Flickr cc.

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