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If you’re looking for an exciting post-summer getaway, set off in the direction of Venice for the annual Regata Storica. See the canals flooded with 16th century-style gondolas, in an annual race that has gone on for thousands of years.

They don’t call this a historic regatta for nothing. Venice’s annual Regata Storica has been taking place for thousands of years and is without a doubt the highlight in the city’s rowing calendar. Just think of it as Italy’s Henley.

Even more exciting than the races is the water pageant that takes place before the race, which features scores of beautiful 16th-century boats paddled by gondoliers in period costumes. They carry the Doge and his wife, along with all of Venice’s high-ranking officials, up the Grand Canal.

We’re off to the races

Getting to Venice is easy, particularly from London and it’s also cheap if you fly low cost. Catch cheap flights to Venice onboard easyJet or Monarch Airlines. The Regata Storica takes place on Sunday, September 6th so it’s a good idea to book your flights ASAP if you’re hoping to go.

There are plenty of spots to catch the races along the Grand Canal but if you want to enjoy the show comfortably, it’s worth getting a ticket for a seat on a floating stall near Campo San Vio. This year tickets are going for €60 for adults. and €30 for children aged 6-18.

For more information, head to Regata Storica.

Img: massimo_riserbo / Flickr cc.

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