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The wedding’s planned and all that’s left to do is book your dream honeymoon…but where to go? You don’t want to follow the rest of the world and head to the Bahamas, the Maldives or Thailand but you also want to make sure you pick a romantic destination. Good news! has a few alternative ideas for a honeymoon to remember.

A Honyemoon For Adventurers: An Amazon Cruise

Think the jungle and all its creepy crawlies isn’t romantic? Think again! On board a boat, in a comfortable cabin with a stunning view over the river and tropical rainforest, is a great way to enjoy a holiday which is both romantic and adventurous.

Between Brazil, Peru and the Equator, you’ll quickly forget all about your daily routine as you replace it with adventure with a capital A. On the itinerary: time to relax on the boat, unforgettable meetings with local Amazonians, guided hikes through the jungle to meet the monkeys, sloths and jaguars…

Amazonian cruise

A Honeymoon For Motor Enthusiasts: A Road Trip Across the USA

If you share a passion for motorbikes with your newlywed, book a ticket to Los Angeles, hire a motorbike or two, and head off on a whirlwind tour of America’s most beautiful roads. A number of options await: choose to follow the iconic Route 66 to Chicago or opt for a classic road trip between cities. On the road, make sure not to miss the country’s romantic motels and visit famous sights such as the Grand Canyon or Yosemite National Park.

liligo tip: make a detour to Las Vegas to renew your vows in the USA!

Route 66 road trip

A Honeymoon For Nature Lovers: Iceland

If you love rugged natural landscapes, it’s time to book a cheap flight to Reykjavik and treat yourself to a change of scenery just a few hours from the UK.

It’s hard to find a more romantic country than Iceland, yet few couples choose it as a honeymoon destination. Travel between September to April for the best chance of seeing the Northern Lights from your hotel hot tub; the Blue Lagoon is another must-do romantic activity.

Couple admiring the Northern Lights

A Honeymoon for Literature Lovers: The Orient Express

For Agatha Christie fans, or simply anyone looking for a more unusual way to spend their honeymoon, this iconic train is the perfect solution. Head off on a train trip to remember aboard the Orient Express, a legendary and luxurious train which takes you across Europe in style. On board, every effort is made to make you feel at home while the stunning landscape of Europe passes by your window. Relax in a mysterious, luxurious and refined atmosphere and enjoy a honeymoon to remember.

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A Honeymoon Away From It All: Lapland

Whether Swedish or Finnish, a trip to Lapland makes for a unique honeymoon destination. Here, traditional turquoise lagoons give way to frozen lakes, jet ski rides and dog sledding.

Imagine renting a cozy log cabin in the middle of beautiful natural surroundings, away from civilisation, and falling asleep at night next to the roaring log fire while the aurora borealis glows outside your window. The feeling of being cut off from the world, the unique light of the North and the plentiful winter activities will make sure your honeymoon remains a special memory to cherish forever.

Frozen lake in Lapland

IMG: Route 66 / Pixabay & Shutterstock

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