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It’s hard to imagine you could make Florence look bad. But still, this video of Florence’s lights turning on across the city at the onset of dusk is pretty magical. Take a look!

Florence, albeit small, is hard to see in just one visit. Each time you arrive on flights to Florence you discover a new side of her, a new bridge, a new museum and a new hidden plaza. When evening approaches, get yourself to a bridge over the Arno River and watch the city’s lights turn on.

It’s pure magic, don’t you think?

What to do in Florence at night

When the sun sets and the city’s lights come on, what is there left to do? Don’t just roll back to your hotel straight away; there’s a whole other side of this city after dark. Here are a few ideas.

Ponte Vecchio – This was the first bridge built to span the Arno River and is the only bridge that has survived from Florence’s medieval days. It’s the perfect spot to watch a local musician busking outside the closed jewellery shops that line the bridge.

Palazzo Vecchio Museum – There are no queues at night at this city museum, so you can really enjoy seeing the artistic masterpieces here up close, without the crowds.

Piazza Santo Spirito – Cosy up to a pop-up bar in one of Florence’s squares! These are particularly popular in the summertime, with piazza Santo Spirito being one of the most popular with live music.

Teatro della Pergola – This beautiful 17th century theatre has a very rich programme of opera, classical concerts and chamber music. It’s well worth getting a ticket for a performance while you’re in town.

By the way, can we just say that drones are totally changing travel videos (for the better)! Now, who’s up for a night tour of Florence?

Img: ppz / Flickr cc.

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