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As holiday prices see sharp increases with the arrival of the school holidays, many parents opt to take their children out of school for a few days instead in order afford a family break away.  

However since September 2013, this has also been illegal – with those who choose to go for a term time holiday with their school age children facing fines of up to £2,500!

After taking their two sons out of school for a trip to Spain, one family from Manchester has avoided a £240 fine by arguing that their holiday had “educational value”.

Unable to afford the higher prices during the school holidays, Hannah Manchester and Neil Hynes, from Manchester, took their two sons, Isaak and Liam (ages 10 and 6) out of school a few days early to head to Spain, returning to a £240 fine from the Local Education Authority (LEA).

After challenging the fine, it has now been withdrawn and replaced by a warning. Ms. Manchester told the Manchester Evening News that in taking their children out of school early, they believed the “broader educational value of our planned trip meant it was acceptable on this occasion”.

On the trip, the family visited a number of “important landmarks, art galleries and museums” as well as exposing Isaak to the Spanish language – which he studies at school.

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What do you think about the school holiday rules?

IMG: Family at the Beach, Club Med UK / Flickr cc.

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