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Here at we want to give travellers like you the best tools available to fulfil your most far-fetched travel needs, and your most basic ones. Many features of our travel search engine (flexible date search, flight fare alerts, mobile apps…) have been designed because of requests we’ve received from users. This makes you an essential part of our development team, didn’t you realize?

Do you have any ideas on how we can develop our technology? What kind of features would you like to see on a travel search engine? Share them with our team!

Give us your ideas/comments/suggestions/critiques using our feedback forum, located right on the Traveller’s Blog.

1. Write the main point of your idea in one sentence

2. Our team will take a look at it and evaluate its “do-ability”

3. Don’t hesitate to vote for other ideas which you think are good, left by other users

You can also contact us by email with all of your ideas on how we can improve We are also at your disposal on Twitter (@liligo_UK) and Facebook. Lastly you can leave a comment on the post here, all are equally good ways to get in touch with us.

Happy searching on!

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