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  •   2 min read is always looking for more and new ways to help travellers like you find the flights that you need from one place to another, of course at the cheapest prices! We are constantly adding new airlines, travel agents and tour operators that we search so we can continue guaranteeing you that you’ll find the lowest prices available on the web here on The newest: Hoodaki.

Hoodaki is a London-based travel agency that specialises in cheap airfares, searches and deals. Hoodaki however is not just another travel consultancy company on-line, they’re on the phone too with travel agents at the other end of the line that are passionate about travelling, not an automated machine. Hoodaki has a membership with IATA which means that they can issue tickets to the most popular airline companies around the world, including low cost airlines, and have access to the latest deals and promotions.

So, why search on when you can search directly on Hoodaki?

Hoodaki has cheap tickets, which is why search them, but Hoodaki doesn’t always have the cheapest tickets. Airfares fluctuate frequently and can vary depending on which day you travel. If you search on you have the flexibility to search dates, cabin class, number of stops, duration of the journey, budget, departure/arrival airports…

Flight prices are listed in real-time with all of the taxes included. You just have to find a flight that suits your trip, click and you are redirected to the supplier site, like Hoodaki, to book. makes it easy to find what you need and to find it fast. We leave the booking up to the supplier sites and we handle the searching.

Well don’t just sit there, start searching for cheap flights! Need some tips on how to find the cheapest flights? Check out our previous article: Travel Myth Buster: Last minute flights are the cheapest. Where are you going to travel next?

Looking for your next trip? Find the best flights with us!

5 responses to “Hoodaki… what? Flights from Hoodaki are now on

  1. please dont use hoodaki or benz Ive just had my holiday ruined by hoodaki very rude management and no coustmer service , left stranded in another country took my money and never paid my hotel and ins ? dont trust then report them to trading standerds the more the better. and wont give me my money back will be taiking them to court.

  2. Well Tony, as you can see you’re not the only one who has had trouble with Hoodaki’s style. Your feedback is much appreciated! Always sorry to hear about our users having trouble with our suppliers.

  3. I am apalled by them. I asked for business class flights. I was persuaded to go a day earlier to get a special deal and ended up with economy seats. they have not accepted their error and their manager was rude and bullying and unhelpful

  4. Hi Glyn,
    Thanks for your feedback, it’s much appreciated! We like to know what our users think about the suppliers we index. We’ll keep your complaint and forward it to Hoodaki.
    Sorry you had so much trouble with them!

  5. This is the worst travel operator that i’ve ever used. I have now been waiting 7 months for my refund from a cancelled flight. Do not ever use this company!!!

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