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If you already thought you had a lot of choice on for finding hotel rooms, think again. This week we’ve added two new hotel suppliers: and Hotelbook. More hotel choices, more hotel deals, more hotels to choose from for your next holiday on! is committed to finding the best travel deals on the web for our users. It may sound like a catchy marketing phrase but it’s true. We are always adding new airline companies, hotel suppliers, car hire agencies, tour operators, etc. to our database because the more sites we search, the more deals you’ll be able to browse when you use to plan your weekend getaways, summer holidays, business trips and winter breaks. is a travel agency based in (you guessed it) Poland that works with a network of other travel agencies around the world, even overseas. Their speciality is individual bookings and custom packages, even for business travellers, to beautiful Poland. Find discounted hotel reservations from the next time you search on


With 6000 hotels in 1800 cities around the world, Hotelbook is a great addition to our network of hotel providers. What’s unique about Hotelbook is that among the standard chain hotels you’ll find many smaller establishments which are not as well known. From ocean-side resorts to studio lofts in European capitals…

Have you ever used or Hotelbook to search for your hotels? What’s your strategy for finding cheap hotels while travelling?

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