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This year’s FIFA World Cup kicks off on June 11th in Johannesburg, South Africa. If you haven’t managed to grab tickets to the games or find cheap flights to Jo’burg, don’t worry. As long as the World Cup is broadcast live, the whole world will be watching! Here is our list of top cities to watch the games from this year.


What better place to watch the World Cup from than Britain’s own capital or football? Manchester is home to the UK’s two largest football clubs, so you can be sure that this city is gearing up for the games. It won’t be hard to find an English pub to watch the games in, with a pint of course. Just make sure you’re wearing the right team colours! A good place to start is Bacchanalia (15 Chapel Walks, Manchester).

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New York City

Soccer is the name of their game, across the pond in the USA. In one of the world’s more international and cosmopolitan cites, all the teams are cheered on! Italy in Nolita, Portugal in Newark, South Africa in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Greece in Queens, France in Brooklyn… and England in Chelsea.

If you’re in town, check out the games at The Molly Wee Pub (402 Eighth Ave, Chelsea, NYC)

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The friend/rival relationship between England and France only just begins at the football pitch. Give our Channel neighbours good luck by pulling up a bar stool in Paris to watch the games. The Mairie de Paris installed giant screens on the Esplanade de Trocadéro as well as in the Charlety Stadium. Matches will be broadcast by TF1 and Canal +.

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In the midst of a financial crisis, the Greeks sure know how to boost morale by cheering on their national team from home! Warning: be alert if you are in Athens in June, steer clear from very large gathering to watch the game. Opt for a small taverna or café where the men play tavli.

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Buenos Aires

Watch a football match in Buenos Aires should definitely be on a traveller’s list of must-do things. Football is what Argentinians breathe, live, eat… it is their religion, it runs through their veins, especially during the World Cup. Join a street match or find an empty seat in a bar!

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The Korean capital became a true football nation in 2002, after hosting the World Cup. Koreans have become some of the world’s most patriotic football fans since their team reached the semifinals that year for the Cup. Meet at City Hall to support their team! In such a techy city, it won’t be hard to find a big screen to watch the games on.

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There is no better place to embrace the spirit of football than in the Spanish capital, Madrid. Home of Real Madrid and Madrid Athlético, this city knows how to support its team. Spain no doubt has a good chance of making it to the finals, if not winning the Cup. Sport your red jersey and practise your “Ole!” by watching the World Cup in Spain!

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Where are you planning on watching the 2010 World Cup from?

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