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Gatwick Airport has introduced pre-flight yoga for passengers who are nervous flyers or find the whole flying experience stressful.

The yoga room will help passengers de-stress and unwind before a flight. The classes have been programmed by Shona Vertue, who is popular on Instagram, and is only 20 minutes long, but Shona believes that’s long enough to ease the effects of flying.

Even medical experts have backed the idea of Floga, “Flights can cause muscle stiffness, soreness and increase the risk of conditions caused by poor circulation. A yoga work-out before boarding a flight will help passengers relax their minds and their bodies, turning what can be a stressful experience into a more enjoyable and relaxing one”

The yoga lounge which opened 30th October is stocked with yoga equipment and a video screen for you to follow Shona’s routine, all free of cost.

IMG: TonyFelgueiras / Flickr cc.

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