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Remember the devastated supporter of the French football team who, after their defeat in the final of Euro 2016, was consoled by a young Portuguese fan? After a video of the two went viral, France supporter Anthony found another surprise awaiting him…the Portuguese tourism authority invited him on a trip to Portugal!

If you followed Euro 2016, or even if you didn’t, you can’t have missed the heartwarming video as it did the rounds on social media: a young Portuguese fan consoling a tearful French supporter after France’s defeat in the final.

However the Portuguese didn’t stop there in their efforts to cheer up the French man named Anthony, and the country’s national tourism authority tracked him down to invite him on a journey to discover Portugal.

Writing on their Facebook page, Visit Portugal said that “Sport encourages our sense of unity and inclusiveness, but ultimately it is kindness that brings people together. Anthony has been proof of that”. You can follow his trip here – including the emotional moment he was reintroduced to his young Portuguese friend.

French football fan on trip to Portugal

IMG: Visit Portugal Facebook page

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