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Love the sound of vinyl? No doubt you have a collection of LPs under your bed or proudly on display near your turntables. For the vinyl junkies who love to travel, have we got some destination record stores for you! Some may even call them the world’s best.

Waterloo Records – Austin, TX

This place is absolutely legendary. It first opened its doors 30 years ago and since then has been supplying Austin’s music scene with the best vinyls produced. The store itself is huge with a pretty exhaustive inventory which can takes days upon days to explore. Slip into one of the stores listening stations and spin it!

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Wah Wah, Barcelona

Strolling down the street of El Raval? Duck into this place and don’t expect to walk out with the same amount of Euros in your pocket as when you walked in. This place may be small in size but it is stacked (floor to ceiling) with the best vinyl you can imagine. They’ve got practically every musical genre represented here so don’t even think about leaving without a souvenir or two.

Academy Records – New York, NY

If it’s jazz you’re looking to add to your collection then it’s Manhattan where you’ll find it. Academy Records is known for having the finest collection of jazz records in the world, both new and used. The stock here turns over so quick, don’t even think about hiding an LP at the back of a stack and still hoping it’ll be there the next day. Best for out-of-print classics.

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Soundscapes – Toronto

Any music lover in Hogtown will know that Soundscapes is the best place to go if it’s vinyl you’re after. Located in Toronto’s Little Italy neighbourhood, Soundscapes also stocks independent CDs and music books. While you’ll find everything from soul to psych, garage to noise but what this place does best is independent… Canadian independent at that.

Vinyl Heaven

Intoxica – London

If you’re going to find the best vinyl in the capital can you imagine looking anywhere other than Portobello Road? Intoxica opened in 1994 and is every vinyl junky’s dream come true. You’ll find it all here including plenty of limited editions and rare recordings… which of course don’t come without the appropriate price tag.

And the most famous record store of all time?

What’s your favourite record store? Do you seek them out while you travel?

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