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Game of Thrones fans, listen up! The American network who makes the show, HBO, has just announced that the exhibit featuring a real-life replica of the Iron Throne and virtual reality versions of the show’s fantasy kingdoms will be coming to London in February.

This is the third year in a row that the Game of Thrones: The Exhibition has been staged and when it comes to London, it will be set up at the O2 Arena. The exhibition is making a European tour, stopping also in Stockholm, Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam and Berlin. It will certainly create a lot of buzz before the fifth season is set to air in the UK on April 13th.

The exhibition will display more than 70 pieces of costumes, weapons and props from the show. It will be open February 9-12th and then again February 15-17th. Visitors should be prepared to pledge their allegiant to a Great House before entering the show. Choose between the families of Stark, Arryn, Lannister, Greyjoy or the Night’s Watch.

What’s the catch? You can only visit the exhibition if you’re a Sky TV subscriber, or a friend of one. For more information, check out the exhibition’s official website.

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