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Introducing the most expensive and luxurious commercial airline cabin… onboard Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates. The airline unveiled the world’s first private multi-room cabin on a commercial aircraft soon to be found onboard their Airbus A380 fleet.

Every inch of these new 12m² VIP cabins is dripping in luxurious details. The suite includes a small lounge/living room area, a bedroom with a double bed, en-suite bathroom and shower room and even a dedicated and trained Butler, just one step up from those sky nannies Etihad also has that we wrote about a little while ago.

The butler will be on call throughout the flight, offering the kind of service you’d expect at an exclusive world-class hotel. The butler will be in charge of all aspects of the experience including airport transfers (in a limousine of course!), airport check-in and custom menu planning. Now wouldn’t that be nice for your next flight to Abu Dhabi?

Let’s take a look inside…

“These new living spaces will raise inflight product and service standards to their highest level yet in commercial aviation and alter air travellers’ expectations of inflight comfort and luxury forever,”

commented James Hogan, Etihad Airway’s President and Chief Executive Office, in a recent press release from the airline.

How much does a trip in such a suite actually cost? Only the modest sum of say, $25,000 US one way!

Shall we start our tour in the lounge?




And next we go to the bedroom…



And finally the bathroom.


Wouldn’t you just love to travel, even just once, in an aircraft cabin like this one?

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