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Thrill-seeker? Live for the feeling of pumping blood? Adrenaline is addictive and if you live for it then you have got to check out these destinations. From swimming with crocodiles, sliding down volcanoes to cycling the world’s more dangerous road…

Volcano boarding

 volcanoboarding copy

We cannot get enough of this! Imagine boarding down the side of an active volcano on nothing more than a piece of plywood at speeds of 50+ miles per hour. Keep your googles on and your mouth closed or else risk of finding pebbles and sand where they don’t belong. Scrapes, scratches and “gravel burn” are almost guaranteed but it’s loads of fun.

Volcano boarding in Nicaragua

Crocodile swimming

crocs copy

This is not for the faint of heart. Australia’s saltwater crocodiles are the largest in the world, 20 feet in length and weighing up to 1,000 kilos. The Cage of Death experience can be had at Crocosaurus Cave and will likely be the longest 15 minutes of your life as you are separated from these deadly crocs by a mere inch of perspex. Don’t look too close at those teeth!

Holidays in Australia

Running the Marathon des Sables

 sandrace1 copy

The famous Marathon des Sables takes place in Morocco and is the deadliest, most difficult marathon course in the world. Runners come from around the world to make the 6 day trek across the Sahara Desert. That’s 254 kilometres in 50°C heat and puts a whole new meaning to the phrase, survival of the fittest. All competitors must carry their own equipment and some even train for years. In 2007 two runners died trying to reach the finish line.

Heat Wave: how to beat the heat while travelling

Cycling Death Road

deathroad copy

There’s a reason this hairpin route through Bolivia’s mountains is called “Death Road.” Cars hardly dare to drive it, leaving it a haven for adventure seekers and mountain bikers. The road connects La Paz, Bolivia’s main city to the Yungas region and claims the lives of 300 people every year. The appeal? The scenery is absolutely breathtaking which is why thousands visit every year. Best tip for success: avoid rainy season from December to February.

Flights to Bolivia

Which adventure would you be willing to take? What was the scariest thing you did while travelling?

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