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Vietnamese tourism is on the rise, especially with British travellers. The country has enjoyed a sharp rise in visitors from the UK which has us thinking, is Vietnam the new Thailand?

It’s obvious that Vietnam Airlines’ plan worked when they introduced non-stop flights to Hanoi from London’s Gatwick Airport last December, the first ever direct flights between the two countries. Good for them but we think it’s even better for us! Thinking of taking off for a Vietnamese adventure this year?

We wouldn’t blame you so we’ve collected a few ideas to inspire your trip.

Khong co chi… Welcome…

Halong Bay


For many travellers there’s no other reason to visit Vietnam than to see Halong Bay in person. Get the most out of your trip to this World Heritage sight and book yourself an overnight cruise. Wake with the dawn and make sure your camera is well charged and your memory card empty for shots of the mist slowly rising. It’s also popular to explore the bay’s caves and grottos in kayak.

Nha Trang Beach

Nha Trang

There’s a lot going on in Nha Trang. For one it’s a busy commercial city but it has some of the most beautiful beaches right on its doorstep. There is a well-developped resort town nearby, perfect if you’re looking for a relaxing few days of all-inclusivity. Island-hop your way along the islands just off the coast or stay put, soaking up the sun.

Hoi An


This town miraculously escaped damage from the wars that dot Vietnam’s history, and it’s historic buildings gush with charm. The Old Town is completely pedestrian friendly and the locals are used to having a lot of tourists around and are welcoming. Visit Hoi An during a fullmoon and you’ll witness a “Hoi An Legendary Night” when the Old Town streets are lit up with lanterns and all motorbikes are banned. It’s magical.

Ho Chi Minh City


This spawning riverside metropolis will not leave you without a mark. Explore the streets by bike, there’s nothing more exciting! This place is fast-paced and crossing the street is, on it own, an adventure. Saigon, as it’s known more popularly, is a city packed with things to do and discover from ancient pagodas tucked into small gardens, marketplaces selling the world’s finest silks and spices, designer malls and some of the most gourmet restaurants on the planet.

Has Vietnam made your must-visit list yet?

Imgs: katinalynnjmhullot, jywhitejmulholland / Flickr cc.

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