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The G8 and G20 Summit meetings are over but the countries making up these two groups are still widely in the spotlight, especially Canada who hosted the events. The G8 are not only financial powers in the world, but tourism giants, here’s a look at why.

G8 and largely the G20 countries as well, have and continue to be popular travel destinations not only because of their financial stability but each one offers a unique culture to be explored, new lifestyles and cuisines, arts and architecture and of course history and heritage. Will you be travelling to a G8 country this summer?


From Halifax to Victoria, coast to coast, the main attraction here is the wilderness. With stunning national parks across the whole country and wide open roads, this country is home to the ultimate road trip. Ski down the Rockies or spot whales in the Bay of Fundy, attend a jazz concert in Montreal or climb the CN Tower in Toronto.

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Mostly known for its economic power in Europe, Germany remains a popular tourist attraction for its role in history and its many contributions to music, philosophy, science, literature and art. Explore the Black Forest, camp along Lake Constance, walk where the Berlin Wall used to stand, swim in the Baltic Sea and enjoy the many great beers and food in an authentic biergarten.

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Great Britain

Home to the Queen of England, tea & crumpets, red double decker buses,  and the Big Ben… we all know what to expect in London so why not visit some of England’s less trodden areas like Suffolk Country where you can enjoy the best fish and chips on the coast, the Lake District and its charming villages and Liverpool because it’s the home town of John Lennon.

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France surpasses most other countries for art, fashion and cuisine. Heralded for centuries for its fresh breads, rich wines and savoury delicacies, French food is queen and its art museums are king. Visit the Louvre and the Musée d’Orsay in Paris, taste wine in Bordeaux, stroll along the Promenade des Anglais in Nice or simply relax in the French countryside exploring castles and palaces from centuries past.

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Akihabara, Tokyo's electric district (img: flickr cc)

Modernity and ancient traditions collide in Japan, but in the most elegant way possible. Japan remains deeply rooted in its age-old traditions while continuing to progress technologically at a rapid pace. Visit Tokyo’s electronic district and buy a Manga comic, stroll through a traditional Japanese Garden and enjoy a cup of green tea underneath a blossoming cherry tree. Travel on a high speed train from one city to the next.

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Most travellers in Russia limit their visits to Moscow and St. Petersburg, although the trans-Siberian railway is becoming a popular attraction for those who want to see the “real” Russia. The former Soviet Union headquarters in Moscow, the Kremlin and Red Square, attract a lot of visitors as do the theatres and operas in St. Petersburg.

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The living masterpiece, almost everywhere in Italy you can spot remnant’s from Italy’s golden era. Works from Da Vinci, Raphael and Michelangelo, among others, fill museums and galleries around the country. The cities themselves breathe richness and culture. Sit down for a slice of authentic pizza in Naples, drink an espresso in Milan or ride a gondola in Venice.. You can never get tired of Italy.

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Attracting visitors from all over the world, the USA remains highly popular on every traveller’s list of destinations. Explore one of the country’s great national parks like Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon, try to keep up with fast-paced cities like Los Angeles and New York City or take it slow in New Orleans. Eat lobster in Maine and spare ribs in Texas.

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Img: HBarrison / flickr cc

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