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When you think back on all your trips and holidays, which places were your favourite to discover? Which of those would you go back and see again? This week on #TTOT, we’re rediscovering the undiscovered.

Some places just stick and become our “go-to” destinations when it comes time to plan the holidays. It’s practically impossible to truly discover a place unless you live there for a length of time, even then, it can take years to be able to say you know a city like the back of your hand. Some destinations make a really good first impression; a stunning landscape, amazing local cuisine, perfect weather. Other places make the “definitely want to go back” lists because of the experiences and memories.

If you need a little inspiration for choosing your upcoming holiday destination, these are sure to please.

Q1 via @AFARmedia Which ‘undiscovered place’ could you rediscover over and over again?

@GFexplorers: I think I’ve sung this city’s praises on #TTOT before but Lisbon is one of those European cities with a wealth of unexpected pleasures.

A classic tram in Lisbon

@TourEgyptNet: Definitely the coast between Nuweiba and Taba, along Egypt’s Red Sea cost. Gorgeous beaches and amazing serenity!

@Mikeachim: Settle, Yorkshire Dales -leap on the Settle to Carlisle train & see England at its most stunning.

@journeytom: The Jurassic Coast right on my doorstep its Englands only natural Unesco world heritage site & deservedly so!

Jurassic Coast
UK's Jurassic Coast

@danastasyk: I definitely recommend Vancouver Island if you’re in BC, Canada.

@federilli: Napoli, my home town, usually people bypass it to go to Capri or amalfi, but Napoli is full of history, treasures, great food, etc.

@detourdumonde: Take a whole month to visit Reunion Island, where I grew up, the volcano, the beach, the sea & the sky. Everything but the snow.

Reunion Island
Sand and sun on Reunion Island

@cookiesound: My insider tip for #Austria is Göstling an der Ybbs. Such a beautiful spot!

@IsabellesTravel: Ghent, it`s similar to the beautiful Bruges, but it`s vibrant, because it`s a university city.

@Inga_Ros: I’d love to rediscover the magic of Sevilla, Spain again and again. Love the authenticity!

Have you been to any of these places? Which undiscovered places could you go back and discover over and over again?

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Imgs: thomasclaveirole, honzasoukup, villamon / Flickr cc.

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