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Mother Nature gave tourists something to write home about when a volcano erupted on the Galapagos Islands, spewing smoke 6 miles into the air and threatening some wildlife on the islands.

Wolf Volcano on Isabela Island, the highest volcano in the archipelago, erupted for the first time in 33 years in the last week of May. The smoke filled the sky and orange lava flowed down the side of the mountain all night long. Wolf Volcano is home to the world’s only population of pink iguanas, whose habitat is now threatened by the eruption.

The mountain is also home to yellow iguanas and giant tortoises. Park experts now worry that the eruption, while beautiful to look at, could severely damage the ecosystems that Charles Darwin once studied. It doesn’t however pose any threat to tourism, which is what helps the parks raise money for research and conservation.

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Img: jfgallery / Flickr cc.

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