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Vienna’s new hotel Hotel Schani hopes to have created the most streamlined hotel user experience possible, allowing the guests to book the actual room they will be staying in.

Guests can choose the room’s features – think build-a-bear but for hotels. The type of ceiling, room category, distance from elevator and bed configuration are just a few ways in which you can design your room to your preferred liking.

Because you will know your room number before arrival the guests are able to by-pass the registration, demonstrating that the whole check in process could become obsolete in the future of hospitality. The guest’s will open their keyless door with the Hotel Schani app.

The hotel’s goal was to create a stress-free and efficient hotel user experience which revolved around the personalization of the guest’s stay.

With the time and money saved from the digital check in, the hotel says they can reinvest these resources to a focus on the guests’ individual needs.

IMG: Hotel Schani’s website

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