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A limited number of of early release tickets for the annual fireworks show in central London on New Year’s Eve are now available.

The London New Year’s Eve fireworks show was always free, until last year, when tickets were introduced to try to manage the ever growing crowds. This month, tickets for the show to ring in 2016 are already on sale and are available to be purchased from anyone in the UK or abroad.

Tickets go on sale today at midday and cost £10 per person. The rest of the New Year’s Eve tickets will go on sale in September.

The mayor of London Boris Johnson said,

“We are planning another stunning display to celebrate New Year and showcase London around the world. London is a special place at the turn of the year, the city is lit up and there is a sense of optimism for the year ahead.”

So if you’re planning on booking flights to London for the holiday season, you’d best also grab your tickets to the fireworks show too!

Img: chrischabot / Flickr cc.

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