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The city of Venice is a must: the Piazza and the Basilica San Marco, the Bridge of Sighs and Rialto, the Doge Palace… There’s isn’t just one Venice worth visiting though. There are a handful of other “Venice’s” around the world that merit a trip, from California to Hong Kong, London and beyond.

We have to admit that Venezia, the real one, is a must for every traveller, at least once. Being such an iconic place you can imagine there’s more to Venice than what you’ll find in Italy. Today you’ll find Venice’s scattered across the USA, there’s even one in Bavaria! Why not explore other parts of the world that take their namesake from this Italian city?

St. Petersburg, Venice of the North

Admittedly almost a dozen cities in northern Europe claim this nickname (Amsterdam, Bruges, Copenhagen, Hamburg, even Manchester to name a few) but there’s something more convincing about St. Petersburg’s palaces and bridges that really does charm the way Venice’s do.

St. Petersburg’s White Nights


Venice Beach, Los Angeles

This Venice is completely man-made by one man with a dream. Abbott Kinney built a massive system of canals and entertainment complex in 1905 and it was a hit. Today, Venice Beach is known for its fun and funky vibe but it’s just as expensive as its namesake. Today the unique and eclectic residential architecture is reason alone to visit.

Flights to Los Angeles


Regents Canal, London’s Little Venice

Looking to experience Venice without travelling too far? Head to Regents Canal in London’s own Little Venice. The houseboats moored to the banks house artists and those who enjoy a more nomadic lifestyle. A walk along the canal is sure to inspire as the canals of Venice do.


Tai O, Venice of Hong Kong

We’ll admit that Tai O looks nothing like Venice but it’s the closest thing that the locals in Hong Kong are going to get. The houses in this fishing village on Lantau Island are built on stilts, creating narrow waterways between them. The small boats navigate their way through the canals and perhaps at night you may even be able to imagine that you are riding a gondola instead of a rusted out dinghy.


Which Venice would you like to visit?

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