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Once a year, a small town in the Netherlands will be flooded by thousands of red heads. The annual ‘Redhead Days’ united thousands of redheads from around the world to celebrate all things ginger; you won’t catch these guys calling identifying as ‘strawberry blonde’.

The festival will take place 2 – 5 September 2016 in the centre of Breda, a small town in the Netherlands. More than 5,000 redheads from over 50 countries are expected to attend.

redhead1 readhead2

The festival started in 2005 when Dutch painter Bart Rouwenhorst advertised for 15 redhead models to paint, when he received an overwhelming reply he knew that this idea was worth exploring.
Each year, the numbers are growing and it currently attracts 5,000 people to the festival.

1% of the population has red hair and since the red hair colour gene is recessive, there could be no redheads left in 90 years.

Redhead Days 2016

The festival includes more than 50 events and activities, exhibitions, lecture and photoshoots. Among the highlights is the sightseeing opportunities in Breda.

IMG: Redhead Days, e³ °°°, e³ °°° / Flickr cc.

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